The three Investigators

Hi guys!

We are two fresh doctors and one soon-to-be a doctor, in the field of freshwater ecology.

Dr. Annika Vilmi and Dr. Katri Tolonen have already flown from Jani Heino’s nest. MSc. Mariana Perez Rocha is still in the nest for the next six months.

A couple of weeks ago we were having lunch together at our office (Finnish Environment Institute, Oulu) and we got a crazy/fun idea about having our own research group. And here we are 🙂 , on a Saturday night, sitting in a nice restaurant, putting our new website together.

We are  the Biodiversity Investigators Group, B.I.G.. Our aim is  to explore the patterns of biodiversity on different scales in different types of ecosystems. Yeah, we are broad.. and we are B.I.G.. During the following weeks we will  introduce ourselves and our current research to you. Then we will probably end up writing what ever comes to our mind that is somehow related to science and  super cool ecological stuff.

We hope you join our journey and enjoy reading our posts!




P.S. This picture was taken on one of Katri’s field trips in the Finnish Lapland in 2014.

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